Previous Social Activities

Activity No.Activity NameDateLocationTime (AM or PM)
1Weekend Break Gharb27 December 2008
2Weekend Break Gharb28 December 2008
3Carnival Disco Party Music Centre23 February 2009
4Barbeque Rinella Bay05 June 2009Gozo
5Barbeque Rinella Bay19 September 2009Gozo
6Get Together Music Centre30 October 2009Floriana
7Football Ground11 November 2009KalkaraPM
8Buffett Dinner Riviera Hotel29 December 2009KalkaraPM
9New Year's Disco Party Music Centre31 December 2009FlorianaPM
10Knights Spectacular 1565 Dinner Show07 January 2010Hal SafiPM
11Football Ground12 January 2010MarfaPM
12Gurnata Gozo7th February 2010FlorianaPM
13Karnival Disco Party Music Centre13 February 2010MontekristoPM
14Karnival Lunch Party Music Centre14 February 2010Hal SafiPM
15Valentine Buffet Dinner Riviera Hotel14 February 2010GozoPM
16Valentine Disco Renaisance Hall14 February 2010FlorianaPM
17Football Ground23 February 2010Floriana
18Football Ground20 April 2010MarfaPM
19Knights Spectacular 1565 Dinner Show08 April 2010MontekristoPM
20Barbeque Music Centre20 May 2010Hal SafiPM
21Bowling Eden Super Bowl28 June 2010Hal SafiPM
22Bowling Eden Super Bowl04 August 2010MontekristoPM
23Splash And Fun09 September 2010FlorianaPM
24Splash And Fun12 September 2010PacevillePM
25Barbeque Disco Music Centre24 September 2010PacevillePM
26Get Together Disco Music Centre22 October 2010Bahar Ic-CaghakPM
27Football Ground26 October 2010Bahar Ic-CaghakPM
28Football Ground16 November 2010FlorianaAM
29Quddiesa, Pasta Night, Disco27 November 2010FlorianaAM
30Christmas Disco Party Church Hall30 December 2010Hal SafiPM
31Quddiesa, NYE Disco Party31 December 2010Hal SafiPM
32Football Ground27 January 2011FlorianaPM
33Quddiesa/Dinner Dance05 February 2011MtarfaPM
34Football Ground25 February 2011Floriana
35Quddiesa, Carnival Disco Party05 March 2011Hal SafiPM
36Carnival Disco Party08 March 2011FlorianaPM
37Football Ground10 May 2011Hal SafiPM
38Barbeque20 May 2011FlorianaPM
39Football Ground24 May 2011FlorianaPM
40Get Together30 May 2011Hal SafiPM
41Disco Party06 June 2011FlorianaPM
42Barbeque Rinella Bay01 July 2011Hal SafiPM
43Cinema08 August 2011FlorianaPM
44Splash And Fun17 September 2011FlorianaPM
45Splash And Fun18 September 2011KalkaraPM
46Seminar Ghal Kurunetti30 October 2011FguraPM
47Halloween Party31 October 2011Bahar Ic-CaghakPM
48Football Ground15 November 2011Bahar Ic-CaghakAM
49Quddiesa / Ravjulata26 November 2011FlorianaAM
50New Year's Disco31 December 2011FlorianaAM
51Football Ground24 January 2012Hal SafiAM
52Quddiesa/Ikla11 February 2012FlorianaPM
53Karnival Disco Party18 February 2012FlorianaPM
54Karnival Disco Party21 February 2012Hal SafiPM
55Football Ground28 february 2012FlorianaPM
56Picnic15th April 2012FlorianaPM
57BBQ Rinella bay6th June 2012FlorianaPM
58Splash And Fun21st July 2012Hal SafiPM
59Football Ground6th November 2012Ta' QaliPM
60Quddiesa, Dinner Dance24th November 2012KalkaraPM
61Mc Donalds19th December 2012Bahar Ic-CaghakAM
62Burger King20th December 2012Hal SafiPM
63CHRISTMAS Weekend break Paradise Hotel23rd December 2012FlorianaAM
64CHRISTMAS Weekend break Paradise Hotel24 th December 2012VallettaPM
65CHRISTMAS Weekend break Paradise Hotel25th December 2012VallettaPM
66Cinema27th Devember 2012MarfaPM
67NYE Weekend break SeaBank Hotel30th December 2012MarfaPM
68NYE Weekend break SeaBank Hotel31st December 2012Marfa
69NYE Weekend break SeaBank Hotel1st January 2013Fgura
70Gurnata ghawdex3rd february 2013mellieha
71Mc Donalds8th february 2013melliehaPM
72Buffett Dinner SeaBank Hotel9th february2013Mellieha
73Mc Donalds11th February 2013Ghawdex
74Film11th february 2013valletta
75Mc Donalds12th February 2013melliehaam
76Film12th February 2013vallettaPM
77Buffett Dinner SeaBank Hotel27th April 2013FguraPM
78Film31st May 2013vallettaPM
79BBQ Rinella bay21st June 2013vallettaPM
80Splash And Fun13th july 2013melliehaPM
81Splash And Fun3th august 2013fguraPM
82Day by the Pool paradise bay31st august 2013KalkaraPM
83Splash And Fun7th septemberBahar Ic-CaghakPM
84Day by the Pool paradise bay12th october 2013Bahar Ic-CaghakPM
855th anniversary dinner seabank hotel2nd novemberMtarfaam
86cinema day12th december 2013Bahar Ic-Caghakam
87Mc Donalds13th december 2013MtarfaPM
88Gurnata Ghawdex22nd December 2013melliehaam
89christmas weekend break seabank hotel23rd December 2013FguraPM
90christmas weekend break seabank hotel24th december 2013vallettapm
91christmas weekend break seabank hotel25th december 2013Gozopm
92NYE weekend break seabank hotel30th December 2013melliehapm
93NYE weekend break seabank hotel31st december 2013mellieha
94NYE weekend break seabank hotel1st january 2014mellieha
95cinema day3rd january 2014mellieha
96Football Ground16th january 2014mellieha
97Mc Donalds18th january 2014mellieha
98Football Ground23rd january 2014Fgura
99cinema day24th january 2014Hal Safi
100Carnival Dinner Saebank2nd february 2014vallettapm
101cinema day4th February 2014Hal Safipm
102Gurnata Ghawdex23rd February 2014Fgurapm
103cinema day22nd april 2014melliehapm
104dinner Seabank26th April 2014Fgurapm
105bird park1st may 2014Gozopm
106cinema day25th june 2014fgurapm
107BBQ Rinella bay12th August 2014mellieha
108hera Criuse17th August 1014Salinipm
109Splash And Fun23rd August 2014Fgurapm
110Picnic19th october 2014kalkaraam
111Football Ground21th october 2014Cominopm
112cinema day25th October 2014Bahar Ic-Caghakpm
1136th anniversary dinner Seabank Hotel.1st November 2014Ta' Qaliam
114Football Ground18th November 2014Hal Safiam
115Mc Donalds12th december 2014Fguraam
116Mc Donalds18th December 2014melliehapm
117christmas weekend break seabank hotel23rd December 2014Hal Safipm
118christmas weekend break seabank hotel24th december 2014Sliemapm
119christmas weekend break seabank hotel25th december 2014Sliemapm
120NYE Dinner Seabank Hotel31st December 2014melliehapm
121NYE weekend break seabank hotel1st january 2015melliehapm
122NYE weekend break seabank hotel2nd january 2015mellieha
123NYE weekend break seabank hotel3rd january 2015mellieha
124NYE weekend break seabank hotel4th january 2015mellieha
125Mc Donalds14th February 2015melliehapm
126Gurnata Ghawdex8th February 2015mellieha
127Mc Donalds15th February 2015mellieha
128Mc Donald's16th February 2015Valletta
129Mc Donalds16th June 2015Gozo
130Hera Cruise10th August 2015Victoriapm
131Splash & Fun3rd September 2015Valletta
132Football8th October 2015Vallettapm
133Dinner Seabank Hotel10th October 2015Sliemaam
134Cinema Day16th October 2015Bahar ic-Caghaqpm
135Football23rd October 2015Safiam
136Dinner Seabank Hotel 7th Anniversary program30th Ocotber 2015Melliehapm
137Quddiesa5th November 2015Fgurapm
138Christmas Weekend Break Seabank Hotel23rd December 2015Safipm
139Christmas Weekend Break Seabank Hotel24 th December 2015Melliehapm
140Christmas Weekend Break Seabank Hotel25th December 2015Florianapm
141NYE Dinner Seabank Hotel31st December 2015Melliehapm
142New Year Weekend Break Seabank Hotel1st January 2016Melliehapm
143New Year Wekend Break Seabank Hotel2nd January 2016Mellieha
144New Year Weekend Break Seabank Hotel3rd January 2016Mellieha
145Gurnata Ghawdex31 st January 2016Mellieha
146Karnival Weekend Break Seabank Hotel05 Febuary 2016Melliehapm
147Karnival Weekend Break Seabank Hotel06 Febuary 2016Mellieha
148Karnival Weekend Break Seabank Hotel07 Febuary 2016Nadur
149Mc Donalds07 Febuary 2016Mellieha